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JUVO, a professional services company specialized in data productivity improvement projects who result in better insight & decision making for our customers.

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Data Productivity Cycle

Where is the right data for your dashboard? 
Does specific data means the same across your organization?
Is this data critical for your organization? 
Should everybody have access to it?

JUVO has created the DATA PRODUCTIVITY CYCLE to help customers understand the real value of data by capturing the data from the right source, structuring and enriching the data so that interpreting and presenting the data will result in better insight & decision making.

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New from the blog

  • Vaadin  NavigationBuilder
    Friday, May 19, 2017

    Developing your navigation needs in default Vaadin is ok, but I thought it could be enhanced a bit. Hence the idea of creating a new addon, NavigationBuilder.


  • Hadoop
    Tuesday, May 2, 2017

    This article covers

    • Why use Hadoop?
    • What is Hadoop?
    • Recognizing Use Cases
    • Some Use Cases


    Apache Hadoop has evolved into the standard platform solution for data storage and analysis.

    Two key aspects of Hadoop have driven its rapid adoption by companies hungry for improved insights into the data they collect:

    • Hadoop can store data of any type and from any source—inexpensively and at very large scale.
    • Hadoop enables the sophisticated analysis of even very large data sets, easily and quickly.

About Juvo

JUVO aims to find the best possible solution for its clients. We do more with less, bring forward cutting-edge solutions that are future proof and automate efficient business processes. We think with the business and deliver tailor-made solutions. Our specialists are always up-to-speed within their specialization; creating a win-win situation both for the client as well as for JUVO.