About JUVO


Our Vision

JUVO aims to find the best possible solution for its clients. We do more with less, bring forward cutting-edge solutions that are future proof and automate efficient business processes. We think with the business and deliver tailor-made solutions. Our specialists are always up-to-speed within their specialization; creating a win-win situation both for the client as well as for JUVO.


The Story

JUVO was established in December 2008, and has known a rapid growth since then. JUVO promptly became Oracle Partner, and received the Oracle Gold Partner status already one year later. Today, JUVO a professional services company specialized in data productivity improvement projects that results in better insight & decision making for our customers.

We manage, support and develop solutions for our clients in which we put the focus on optimizing the business process. We strive to offer the complete ICT package to our clients.


“JUVO”, “I help" in Latin, grew quickly from a concept to a business plan with the following pillars:

Tangible Results
Use of best practices
Technology experts


Lodewijk Babi (Managing Director)

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