Analytics, the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. We do this to improve business performance.

A proven DWH architecture, technology, industry and business independent.

We build our Operational Data stores (Raw Data Reservoir) from any kind of data sources, big data, unstructured sources included.

The Foundation Layer can be built using the Data Vault methodology. This is Business Process Neutral, abstracted from business process changes.
When valuable we will use our Data Vault Generator to generate the model.

The Access and Performance (Presentation) Layer can exist of star-schema's and OLAP cubes when needed and can be accessed using different presentation and visualization tools, structured to support agile access and navigation.

Besides we can have different sandboxes for discovery and rapid development (presentation delivery).

With our project approach we work towards:

  • Shorter implementation cycles
  • Less Development days
  • Delivery within scope, time and budget

If appropriate we will use the Data Vault methodology which gives advantages like

  • Agile
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Auditability
  • Traceability
  • Standardized model
  • Can be automatized


Specialized resources assessed, trained, certified & evaluated for the needs of the customers project. With proven experience, best practices and references, our consultants will focus on the customers business needs which will result in a great succes.

staffing_assets.pngAssess skills & competences




Delivering IT-Projects with an Agile approach on time and within budget, in co-creation with the customer based on communication, tracking & reporting and the JUVO Technology labs.

project_scopedefine.pngScope & Define

project_analysedesign.pngAnalyze & Design

project_implementdeliver.pngImplement & Deliver

project_trainingsupport.pngTraining & support

Technology Labs techlab.png

  • Specialized and certified expertise
  • Workshops
  • Personal trainings
  • Conference presentations
  • Partnerships with schools


JUVO Cloudcloud.png

Take the pain out of your Datawarehouse or Big Data management. Our certified Experts can manage your environment, so you can go to market, faster.

  • Cloud or dedicated setups
  • Jumpstart templates based on industry standards and best-practices
  • Deep expertise in your application architecture and/or datawarehouse
  • Fast time to solution
  • Data stored in the European Union
  • 24x7 support

Your mission-critical Datawarehouse or Big Data environements are in expert hands at JUVO. From emergency troubleshooting to planning for scaling and disaster recovery, everything our certified professionals do is about keeping your environments up and running, and about keeping them running at peak performance.


24/7 Servicedeskservicedesk.png

  • Flexible & no-nonsense approach
  • Pro-active
  • ITIL-based
  • Technology Certified
  • Optimal use of your infrastructure
  • Minimize downtime
  • Follow-up reporting