Apex 4.0 is out now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

With release 4.0, Oracle brings Apex to the next level. It includes new features like Plug-ins, allowing you to custom design your own item types and reuse them wherever needed. Dynamic actions make it a lot easier to declaratively create interactive functionality, relieving the developer of the more complex task of scripting in AJAX or javascript.
Some other new features: improved charting, improved interactive reports, improved application builder, REST Web Services, websheets, ...
Even an 'Apex Advisor' is introduced which searches your application for poor coding practices!

Check it all out on http://apex.oracle.com/

APEX 4.0 New Features

  • Websheets
  • Team Development
  • Dynamic Actions
  • Plug-Ins (Item & Region)
  • Improved Charting including Gantts and Maps
  • Declarative Tabular Forms
  • REST Web Services
  • Enhanced Interactive Reports
  • Flexible Builder Authentication
  • APEX Listener (currently in early adopters)
  • Integrated jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Improved Item Properties
  • Additional Attributes
  • Textareas: Resizable
  • Combo Box (editable select list)
  • Javascript Date pickers
  • Autocomplete
  • Integrated Oracle EBS Authentication

Apex 4.0 Additional New Features

  • APEX Advisor
  • Editing Page Zero shows all application level components
  • Improved UI Defaults with bi-directional synchronization
  • Improved Themes for better out of the box user interfaces (xhtml)
  • Support for native Excel Upload


Introducing Web Sheet

  • Build basic applications faster and with more functionality
  • Websheet Applications
  • Text Pages
  • Editable data grids
  • Interactive Reports
  • Designed for Business Users
  • Incorporates “sharing” model (ACL)
  • “Builder” integrated with “Runtime”
  • Integrated attachments, tags, notes…

Websheets extends the ability to create simple Web applications to everyone for creating and sharing data – especially business users.
Plus you still have all the advantages of having all your data (and application definitions) within a centralized, professionally managed Oracle DB.

If your data is private – don’t share it, however, if you need to collaborate on the information, Websheets can easily be shared while maintaining a single point of truth. Once your requirements grow, you can easily transition a Websheet into an APEX application

Improved Charting

  • New charting engine (AnyChart 5.1) = faster, better graphics and decreased rendering time
  • Support for Maps & Gantts
  • New Features:
    • Scrolling support
    • Interactive labels
    • Markers in legends
    • Multiple data markers
    • Context menu localization
  • All chart types can be combined within an interactive dashboard: Charts, gauges, maps, Gantt, etc.


REST Web Services

Many popular public Web services provided by Google, Yahoo, Amazon and PayPal use the REST architecture.

Improved Interactive Reports

  • Integrated Report, Icon & Detail Views
  • Compound filter expressions
  • Email notifications
  • Group By
  • Saved Reports
  • Developer Supplied
  • Personal (Existing)
  • Shared
  • Download to searchable HTML
  • Email Report Results
  • More granular printing capabilities


Improved Application Builder

  • New look
  • Improved navigation
  • Improved Administration screens
  • IR’s everywhere
  • Integrated ‘Advisor’ and ‘Application Search’