Devoxx 2015 - Must see talks

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Some of the Devoxx 2015 talks really worth watching.

You can find the top talks of Devoxx as voted by the audience on



Principles Of Microservices by Sam Newman

Author of the book "Build Microservices (O'Reilly) explains microservices. He defines them as 'Small autonomous services that work together, modeled around a business'. All services are about being able to be upgraded, build and deployed independently into a domain.

Six principles for building fault tolerant microservices on the JVM by Christopher Batey

How can you test SLA's between different services? What are some fail-safes you can build into you services to prevent the entire ecosystem going down when one service fails.

Getting started with Spring Cloud by Josh Long

In this very fast talk Josh Long shows some different options in Spring boot to create services. He also explains how you can put all configuration for your different services into one central location.


Java 8 features

Get a Taste of Lambdas and Get Addicted to Streams by Venkat Subramaniam

Highest rank talk of the conference. Venkat explains the use of new features in java 8: Lambda's and streams. This a university talk and is almost 3 hours long.

Java SE 8 for Java EE Developers by David Delabassee/José Paumard

David Delabassee and José Paumard talk about several features in java 8 you can already use in java EE. Amongst them are the new date and time classes, String joiners, streams and lambda's. If you are interested in the CompletableFuture part it is explained in detail in José's seperate talk.


Java 9 features

Keynote session by Mark Reinhold

In this short keynote session Mark Reinhold explains the new modular system that will be introduced in java 9. It is official JDK implementation of Project Jigsaw on OpenJDK. At the end of the talk he lists the other sessions Oracle is doing about JDK 9. Be sure to check them out.

Java Generics: Past, Present and Future by Richard Warburton

Generic are one of the most complex features of Java. This talk steps back to the past and explains why this feature was introduced with various examples and code. Then it tells us how this feature can be used at present and shows what may be added in the future (Java 10).



The Silver Bullet Syndrome by Hadi Hariri

Hadi Hariri gives a great talk about the silver bullet syndrome. Why do we as developers always think we need the latest and greatest technology and do we actually need it?

Chaos Engineering by Lorin Hochstein

Lorin Hochstein explains how live testing on production environments happens at Netflix. He goes into details about what tools they use, what the setup is and gives some points about which statistics, fallbacks and release mechanism should be in place before attempting to replicate Netflix.

115 batshit stupid things you can put on the internet in as fast as I can go by Dan Tentler

What can you find when looking for unprotected vnc remote access connections? Apparently some crazy stuff. This talk shows why operational security is so important.

Knowledge is Power: Getting out of trouble by understanding Git by Steve Smith

If you already use Git, this talk introduces less-known features which are very useful and powerful when things go wrong, so after this talk you will understand why Git behaves the way it does.

HTTP 2.0 & Java: Current Status by Simone Bordet

HTTP 2.0 will bring revolutionary changes for the web and will make great speed improvements compared to the old HTTP 1.1 protocol. It is already there on various websites and some application servers already implement this new protocol.