Devoxx 2017

Devoxx 2017 - Tips from Juvo

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Devoxx Antwerp is upon us again. This year’s edition looks promising with five days filled with all kinds of talks.

We understand you can’t see the wood for the trees, so we consulted our own Java consultants and freelancers. They’ve carefully selected their three must see talks. 

Hopefully this helps you out in choosing Devoxx talks.


Niek Bergans

  • Angular for Java Developers

  • Java 8: The good, the bad & the ugly,_the_bad_and_t...

  • Polishing the diamond: Core Library Improvements in Java 9


Brent Van Hoof

  • Kotlin For Java Programmers

  • Modular Development with JDK 9

  • Getting Started with Ethereum Solidity Development


Jonas Van Den Vonder

  • Kotlin For Java programmers

  • Image recognition with deep learning – from prototype to production

  • Safely shoot yourself in the foot with Java 9


Filip Cossaer

  • The Diabolical Developer's Guide to Performance Tuning's_Guide_to_Perfomance_Tuning

  • Web components for Java Developers

  • Bean Validation 2.0 - you’ve put your annotations everywhere!!


Joeri Konings 

  •  Kotlin for java programmers

  • gRPC vs REST: let the battle begin!!

  • Plain Functional programming


Johan Verschooten 

  • Modular Development with JDK 9

  • API Versioning for Zero Downtime

  • Collections Refueled


Dimitri Frederickx 

  • Kotlin for Java Programmers

  • Migrating to Modules

  • Ask the JDK Architects


Vincent Thys 

  • Build, Deploy, Debug and Tune serverless Microservices,_Deploy,_Debug_and_Tune_S...

  • Serverless Architecture Patterns and Best Practices

  • 10 Tips to become an awesome Technical Lead