Endeca 3.1

Thursday, November 7, 2013

 Oracle released Endeca 3.1 with lot's of new features. Main focus of this release is Self-Service. 

Online resources with demo's are available, some examples:

Endeca 3.1 Voice of the Customer:
Start with an IT-controlled data warehouse, then add social media JSON. Use EID's self-service, in-app data enrichment to derive structured data from Tweet text--which you can then use to mash up the two data sets and figure out how social media comments are causing sales to decline.

Endeca 3.1 Warranty Claims:

Using Endeca Information Discovery 3.1, we turn a spreadsheet on our desktop into a full-featured enterprise discovery application in just a few minutes, then share our findings with the rest of our organization.This demo also shows data loading, but also some new visualization forms (eg heatmap) and how a user configures them