Obiee 11g connection pool error

Sunday, March 13, 2011

By upgrading your OBIEE 10g rpd file to OBIEE 11g by using the ua batch program (Upgrade Assistant), you can receive some connection pool errors by viewing at the data in the physical layer.

Another issue that you may notice is that the Database Type in Physical Layer (Right-click on the Database Object) got changed to for example Oracle 10gR2. While in the RPD prior to upgrade it was Oracle 11g.

When you change the database type back to Oracle11g in the upgraded RPD and click on "View Data" you get these message:

"NQS 46028 Unable to get the DLL path for the CLI 10g/11g from the NQSConfig.ini file."


Some tips to solve this:

This is a behaviour change when we move from 10g to 11g. In BI EE 10g, there was no Oracle Client bundled along with BI EE. So, BI EE will use your Oracle DB Home client to connect to the database. Generally no issues in that case. But in BI EE 11g, the software itself contains the 11.2 DB client. So, when you try to connect to the database through the Repository or BI Server, it will try to find the tnsnames entry in the Oracle Client of BI EE 11g instead of your database. There are 2 options to work around this

  1. Copy your tnsnames.ora to {Oracle_BI} \network\admin directory & {oracle_common}\network\admin directory (only the former is needed as that is the ORACLE_HOME)
  2. Or instead of tnsnames.ora source entry, use the full expanded tnsnames as shown below



    In the directory where biadmin tool is initialized f.e.

    there is a file named user.cmd resp., there you can set the TNS_ADMIN - set it to an appropriate path such as <biee11>\Oracle_BI\network\admin and you can choose the database aliases defined in tnsnames.ora!