Oracle Big Data Discovery

Monday, March 23, 2015

The challenge of sifting through new and enormous sources of raw data from web activity logs, mobile click streams, machine sensors, and social media in Hadoop is daunting for organizations. Realizing strategic insight from Hadoop has been the domain of highly skilled and scarce data scientists, who use complex programming tools and a range of disjointed point solutions to find, explore, transform, analyze, and export the data the business needs.   Blending the new unstructured data stored in Hadoop with NoSQL and relational databases provides a richer 360 degree view of customers and operations for competitive advantage. 


Sure, there is plenty of data. But it's messy.
It's not alwyas clear how to extract the nuggets of insight hidden in the information.
Many times it is time-consuming, and overly dependent on highly skilled experts.

So is big data hyped-up or over-hyped?
The answer is that big data is the real deal, but it has also been (a little bit) over-hyped.

Big data and Hadoop go hand-in-hand, for some good well known reasons.
But despite the justified praise heaped on Hadoop, getting true analytics and insights from the technology remains a challenge:

  • The data is messy: sometimes analysts spend 80% of their time wrestling with the data
  • New tools and traditional tools need to be combined meaning disrupting workflow and inhibiting agility
  • The well known data skill gap: data scientists/experts are in short supply
  • Questionable value: in an ROI-focused world, it’s difficult to justify large technology investments for big data analytics based on a "gut sense" of a payoff

So it's time for a new approach.
Oracle Big Data Discovery, the visual face of Hadoop, is the game-changing platform that eliminates all this confusion by creating a clear and quick path to value. Using visual analytic capabilities, Oracle Big Data Discovery works natively with Hadoop to transform raw data rapidly into business insight in five easy phases:

  • Find: Pinpoint relevant data
  • Explore the data to understand its potential
  • Transform and enrich the data to make it ready for analysis in an intuitive user-driven way
  • Discover new insights
  • Share those insights for enterprise leverage

There is no need for knowledge of the underlying tools.

Oracle Big Data Discovery not only unlocks the analytic power of big data, it also preserves existing infrastructure investments and plays well in the corporate technology ecosystem.
It blends with other tools that access Hadoop, such as advanced statistical tools (Oracle R for Hadoop), business intelligence tools (Oracle Business Intelligence) or any other product designed to work with data in Hadoop (Pig, Hive or Oracle Big Data SQL).
Consequently, Oracle Big Data Discovery removes technical barriers, leveraging the power of Hadoop for maximum scale and performance while at the same time integrating with the wider big data ecosystem.

Fortunately, there is now a way to move quickly from big data hype to big data value. With Oracle Big Data Discovery, businesses can rapidly turn raw data into actionable insights without relying solely on specialized talent.

Oracle Big Data Discovery is designed to be “the visual face of Hadoop” to enable business users to transform raw, big data and mash up with other traditional data into actionable business insight with a single analytics product without programming.

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