Oracle Enterprise Manager

Monday, June 7, 2010

The new Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g closens the gap between Business and IT.
Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g has introduced business-driven IT management to help IT deliver greater business value through three highly differentiated capabilities:

  • Business-driven application management: which combines industry-leading capabilities in real user experience management, business transaction management and business service management to improve application users' productivity while enhancing business transaction availability
    • resolve user experience issues before the business is impacted
    • narrow down the root cause to a specific service in an end-to-end business transaction
    • automatically discover the dependencies and relationships that exist in composite applications and how individual components relate to high-level business services
  • Integrated application-to-disk management: which provides deep management across the entire Oracle stack to reduce IT management complexity and eliminate disparate point tools
  • Integrated systems management and support: which utilizes industry-first technology bring support services into the IT management console; enabling proactive IT administration, increased application and system availability, and improved customer satisfaction

Save time and money, increase productivity with the new Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g

Multi-customer Study Demonstrates Strong ROI, Business Value

  • ROI of 149% with a payback period of 18 months
  • Lower downtime by 30 - 90%
  • 40 -75% reduction in the length of downtime incidents
  • 50 - 95% reduction in time to resolve IT tickets
  • 10 - 30% increase in systems supported per FTE
  • Improve IT staff productivity by up to 75%
  • Reduce capital spending on servers by up to 20%

Read the complete study at [PDF]