Scheduling RMAN backup within OEM 12c Cloud Control

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Scheduling RMAN backup within OEM 12c Cloud Control

install_driver(Oracle) failed: Attempt to reload DBD/ aborted

Up until today, many Oracle DBA’s still use traditional UNIX shell scripts and crontab to  set up and schedule Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN) backups.
However, these RMAN backups can also be achieved more easily via Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), without the use of layer upon layer of shell scripts.

Using OEM for the database backups, and thus eliminating the different script layers when using the shell scripts, will improve the productivity in your company and will reduce the time to debug errors.
Moreover, the maintenance cost will be reduced, because the code is now centralized in one place.

To setup an Oracle RMAN backup in OEM 12c Cloud Control you need to perform the following steps:
·    Navigate to your database home page via the tab Targets à Databases and select the specific database by clicking on its name
·    Schedule your backup via the tab Availability à Backup and recovery à Schedule backup…
·    At this point, the Oracle Grid Control will ask you to log in to the actual database itself.
Log in as a user with DBA privileges to set up and schedule the Oracle RMAN backup.
·    Enter the operating system login credentials to access the target database on the lower portion of the screen: we’re working with a database based on a UNIX host, so we use the Oracle UNIX user.
Click on the button “Schedule Customized backup”

·    Choose the specific backup options you want for your database in the next pages:
[The explanation of every option is beyond the scope of this blog and can be found in every RMAN howto document]
o    Backup type
o    Backup mode
o    Optionally delete all obsolete files
o    Select the destination media for the backup
o    View and optionally override the default settings
o    Choose your job name + schedule
o    Review and optionally change the automatically generated RMAN script
·    Submit the job

At this point you have scheduled a backup job which can be queried/modified via the tab Enterprise à Job à Activity

But when this job ran for the first time via its schedule, we got the following error:
Lin.X64 SUSE 10 : Backup fails with the given below error
install_driver(Oracle) failed: Attempt to reload DBD/ aborted.
Compilation failed in require at (eval 15) line 3.

What does this mean?
Our first thought was that certain libraries were not installed properly on the Linux host, but the cause of the problem was even simpler: Security-enhanced Linux (SELinux) was enforced on our Linux OS housing the database.
Solution to the problem

Execute the following steps to disable SELinux on the database server to eliminate the error:
·    Login as root on the DB server
·    Modify the file  /etc/selinux/config
·    Change “SELINUX=enforcing” to “SELINUX=disabled”
·    Reboot the system
·    Start Oracle Management Service  (OMS) again: [ORACLE_HOME]/bin/emctl start oms

Hope this helps!


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