Top 10 Data Warehousing Trends and Opportunities for 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Most enterprises are overwhelmed with data. Information is now being generated much more quickly than it can be consumed.

Meanwhile, leveraging information to make complete business decisions is becoming ever more critical to enterprises.
All these factors increase the demand for comprehensive information management solutions.


1. The “datafication” of the enterprise spawns more-capable data warehouses.
2. Physical and logical consolidation reduces costs.
3. Hadoop optimizes data warehousing environments by accelerating data transformation.
4. Customer experience (CX) strategies gain real-time insight to improve marketing campaigns.
5. Engineered systems become the de facto standard for large-scale information management activities.
6. On-demand sandbox analytics environments meet rising demand for rapid
prototyping and information discovery.
7. Data compression enables high-value analytics.
8. In-database analytics simplifies data-driven analysis.
9. In-memory technologies supercharge data warehouse performance.
10. Data warehouses become more critical to business operations.