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Companyweb is a specialist in the field of company information in Belgium. You can see the risk, survival chances, payment capacity, profitability, stability and other key factors of all Belgian companies. You thus know who you are dealing with in an instant... and who it is best not to do business with! 

Companyweb chose JUVO for the development of their Android and iOS applications.

The Story

Situation and Challenge

People today want to access all kinds of information anytime, anywhere, and often they do this on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. This is also the case for business people; they need up-to-date financial information to take the right decisions at all times.

Companyweb wants to share its mine of information to its customers through a mobile application, so they always know who they are dealing with.


JUVO created two native mobile applications. The first app is intended for Android users, while the other app targets iPhone and iPad users. By choosing for native applications, the applications are developed in order to ensure the best user experience for these platforms.

There is also chosen to integrate both the free and the paid version in a single app to address the widest audience possible.


  • 24/24 access to all commercial information like sales representatives, company directors, buyers, etc.
  • Check the health of a company
  • Searches by name and see which companies a person is involved in
  • Geolocation all companies
  • Integrated use of telephone numbers and e-mail adresses
  • Quickly add business card information to your adress book

What We Did

  • Technical analysis
  • Design and development
  • Project management

The Technologies

 iOS   Android   d3 

About customer

The collaboration just went smoothly.

IT technical top, great willingness to think along, extremely professional.

A recommended partner!


Patrick De Smet
Managing Director


Next Story

For a leading all-round service provider in the human resources field.

What we did

  • Provide a global overview of all the different data sources
  • Implementation of a Security Layer
  • Creation of complex reports