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IMES DEXIS nv is the leader in the distribution of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) products, services and solutions in Belgium. MRO products are identified as transmissions and technical products, tools and fasteners and safety and hygienic equipment, such as e.g. PPE (personal protective equipment). The MRO Services and Solutions offered by IMES DEXIS refer to variety of centralized and decentralized stock-keeping methods, including a.o. scanning systems and vending solutions, as well as a wide variety of IT solutions, all having as main objective to drastically cut cost (TCO) in the MRO management.

The central distribution warehouse of IMES DEXIS with its support services are located in Hasselt (BE), and backed up with a local department in each province for better and faster customer orientation.

JUVO took the lead in the creation of a new Sales Force Automation tool for IMES DEXIS.

The Story

Situation and Challenge

Every day more than 3000 offers or orders are requested by customers. These requests are received through electronic orders, e-mails, fax, telephone, ... and must be handled within 24 hours. Moreover, account managers are often faced with specific customer questions or wishes, as well as the need for specialist advice, which all must be concluded within a given time interval.

Because of the many inflows and the volume, there is a need for a system in which all information is centralized and actions are controlled. As a result, customers requests are processed faster and priorities can be managed better. There is also an improvement in the communication between internal and external sales and a 360° visibility on all customer requests.


After analyzing the business requirements a sales force automation tool was developed. All communications (requests for offers, orders, complaints, ...) are stored in a central system with all associated documents and workflows are automatically triggered. These workflows consist of different stages in which manual actions of employees are limited.

Managers have an overview of all workflows and tasks, as well as the workload of their employees. In this way, bottlenecks are quickly identified and actions are taken.


  • Central storage of all communications
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Workflows with business rules and approval processes
  • Overview of the workload of employees
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Extensive logging capabilities
  • Be able to distribute work between different geographical locations and keep the overview

What We Did

  • Business and technical analysis
  • Design and development
  • Project management

The Technologies

 Java   Vaadin   Spring 
 myBatis   myBatis  Alfresco
   Alfresco  technology_docker.png

About customer

We are very pleased with the strong functional analysis and screen designs and listening to the end user.


Tom Van de Walle
ICT Coordinator D&C EUROPE

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