JUVO designed and developed a selfscan application for mobile Motorola Android barcode scanners.

The Story

Situation and Challenge

Having to wait in a queue to finally pay for your purchases is the number one annoyance for consumers. Self-scanning solutions can remedy this problem. For our customer we set-up a pilot project that will soon be rolled out to all their shops.

The big difference with other self-service scanners is that with our application product prices are customer and quantity tailored.


JUVO developed the Android scanning application and necessary web services. With a Motorola MC67, the customer can quickly scan products and place them in his shopping basket. The customer immediately knows the price of his product, taking into account the customer account and stepping quantities.

The scanning applications can also be used to prepared quotes, without the intervention of an employee. The quotes are immediately sent to the email address of the customer.


  • Increase customer service
  • Stimulate impulse buys
  • Prices tailored to the customer
  • Faster checkouts
  • Lower shop’s operating expenses
  • Customers can compose quotes

What We Did

  • Business and technical analysis
  • Design and development
  • Creation of webservices

The Technologies

 Android   Java   Spring